Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nina in the Navy

I found this little nautical treasure outside my workplace on my lunch break today. What I noticed first were these sensational high-waisted trousers. They are authentic, navy-issue men's work uniform from the 70's, and made from ultra-thin denim. This is a prime example of an appropriate way to wear a flared pant; notice how the high waist and consistent wash of the jeans accentuate her trim waistline. COPY THIS, ladies, I implore you. God knows I love a pencil-leg jean, but how can you argue with jeans that make you look this bangin? Reflect on that.
The rest of the outfit ain't bad either. The asymmetrical leather bow highlights the high waist and adds a feminine touch to the men's dungarees. I would never normally recomend denim on denim, but this little philly up-and proved me wrong; her shirt lets us know that she's got a sense of humour... andlook how the colour brings out here eyes! Pure magic. Then, there's the matching royal blue bag and complimentary yellow cardy that, together, makes me want to stop time and mail a copy of this picture to every woman, girl, and tranny in the world, with a note that reads, "This, ladies, is the standard."

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