Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brave, Smart.

This is the Atlanta I love. Give me a bow tie with a cuffed khaki any day of the week! It's so simple, and classic... and yet edgy, if you think about it. It takes bravery to look this good when half the other women her age sporting bootcut jeans and bedazzled tank-tops. It's hard to make such a traditional look feel so contemporary... and, if I may add, beautiful.

Her colour-palette is understated and elegant, leaving room for her personality to be the thing we remember the most. A subtle stripe in the shirt lets us know she has an eye for sartorial details, and the way she mixed her brown leathers let us know that just because she's sharp doesn't mean she's fussy. I'll forgive the pretied bow tie because her perferated wingtips more than compensate. "They were my Dad's," she explain, "he had little feet." I'll try to post a close-up of them later if i can find one.

Bright, Red

Spring in Atlanta is tricky time for dressing. The bipolar sun machine seems to simultaneously hide and heat, causing a rather dreary cloud of sluggishness to sweep the city mid April. The calender tells us that Spring has sprung, and yet it already feels like summer. I'm just not ready to give up my jackets for the long, layerless summer to come. So, I threw on a sweater and some jeans and just pretended it was windy out. My cameraman and I went out scouting for sources of inspiration, but the weather had thwarted us again; no one was out. After wading through an invariable army of fleece jackets and flip-flops we gave up hope and decided to call it a day. And then, we turned the corner, and what did we see? This fiery little charmer just standing on the street: a bright flame warming a bleak city... and our hearts.

We Almost didn't stop, you see. It's just a red dress, I though. What's the big deal? The weather had sapped my spirits. Then I got closer. She was just what I needed. It was the whole package. There is something blissfully slimple about her monochromatic pallete, the lack of accessory. It's just her, in her red dress and flats vs the world. She wins, in my opinion. The shape of the dress is flattering, and a nice transition into a casual evening. The tattoo, peaking our just below her dress, let's us know she's got an edge, a sense of humour, and to not take the whole look too seriously.She managed to use red in an ironic way, making it look cutesy, a greatly appreciated break from it's application as the colour of women trying to be 'sexy'. Whatever that's supposed to be. I also dig her hair, it's just right. A nod to a retro aethetic without all the fussy product and chachkas that some girls slap on. I swear to God! If i see another fascinator strapped to a girls head like a barbyard birthday hat, I'm going to steal it and have it for supper. Sorry Kenley.