Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mustache by Cocke

I'm a big fan of character dressing in general. While I don't recommend xeroxing the entire look, there are aspects of it that I fully intend to liberate. The hair, for one, is genius - I'm currently striving for something quite similar myself. Also, the comb is pure magic; I think I'm going to put one in my blazer pocket today for work. What I really enjoy is the jaunty little tie. I dig any man, painted or living, who can rock a neckerchief and still feel tough. A good mustache can amp up anyone's butchatude: This one, in particular, possesses the wearer with an air of well-groomed restraint. So often nowadays we see the trendy ironic mustaches that are so exaggerated in scale that they have become Pop Art on the wearer's face. While, I like both Pop Art and mustaches, I'm not such a fan of them in tandem. As for irony as it relates to dressing, I get it; I also think it's a cop-out. It's easy to make vintage pieces look funny; it takes a lot more nerve to make them look fresh.

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