Saturday, October 10, 2009

Axel and the Filmmaker

I ran into these two misfits on the streets of Florence this summer. Though I'm generally focusing on state-side fashion, these two young upstarts are both Americans, so I don't feel too bad about including them. The thing I appreciate about these kids is the comfortable, wearable way they reference classic male iconography.
Axel, on the left, stomps around the cobbled streets in his vintage cropped motorcycle boots while name dropping and chain smoking like a Manhattan talent scout. You've heard me say this before, but I appreciate that if you're going to wear undersized jeans, balance it out with an over-sized shirt - Axel's in particular, was a printed silk treasure he found just around the corner at one of Firenze's few actual thrift stores.

The Filmmaker is actually my favorite in this shot. Sans the ciggarette, this is how I would want my little brother to dress; retro, casual, well-worn, and not overly-adorned. Though his shoes are fairly heinous, let's bare in mind that these two chaps are still 16, and appreciate the small details of the outfit, like the one-inch cuff on the jeans, the club collar, and obvious effort both of these guys put into finding men's jeans in a size 26 - most would have just strapped on some cheap monday's or borrow their girl friend's jeans. Thanks for fighting the good fight, guys.
The sartorial plight of the travel-sized gentleman is never ending.

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  1. Axel's shirt was his father's who bought it in Nice (not around the corner). Axel is also a filmmaker. Axel's friends name is Erik Exline ..and yes, his shoes are heinous