Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Chance Home Girl

The Last Chance Thrift store in Decatur is one of the last bastions of tasteful and economic thrifting left in the Metro Atlanta area; And so, every Monday, like clockwork, I am drawn to it's dusty racks in an effort to further hone my hunter/gatherer technique in the hopes of uncovering the perfect piece of chachka that will temporarily satiate my shopping addiction.

Not only did I find a handsome leopard-print sweater, but I also ran across this little gem, steam-punking her way into my heart with her corduroy breeches and colour-coordinated bicycle. I respect the NeoVictorianism aesthetic quite a bit, and give those few, brave practitioners thereof plenty of elbow room in the crowded hall of my critical lens. For example, though I would normal detest her blouses in isolation, when brought together above such charming pantaloons, all I see is magic. And though my shoddy camera-work is blocking the view of her shboots, they are worthy of much aplomb.

The bike, however, is the crowning achievement of the entire look.

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